Bait and Switch - DirecTV

This question is about "Bait and Switch", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. My bundle promotion was about to exprise so I called ATT to see if they have any similar promotions or if they can keep my rate the same.
I made it clear that I was not looking to lower my bill or change any of my services. All I wanted is to keep paying the same. I explained that other companies are offering very attractive deals at much lower prices in my area but I wanted to stay with ATT, keep the same services and pay the same. I was told about other packekes like Direct TV but I was not interested in making any changes, installing new services.
Finally the person I was talking to from promotions told me that she talked to her manager and that the manager approved to give me the same promotion and I would be paying the same as I did the past 2 years. I asked her if I could have this in writing but she said she could not send me an email but assured me that my bill, promotions and services would stay the same.
The promotion was applied 4 days after we spoke and when the new bill came it showed the rates without any promotions.
When I looked at the promotion package that I got, it was totally different from what I was told. It is now 30 dollars more before taxes.

This is very frustrating and I feel I was lied to and cheated.
I called again and the person I talked to said that I was not told the right information and that there is nothing that can be done and I have to pay the extra 30 a month.
He was nice enough to cut the current bill back to what I paid last month (still 15 more than my average bill) but said that I'm out of options. I was either to disconnect all my services and sign up again as a new customer or pay the 30 dollars plus tax extra amonth.

It is very frustrating to deal with these situation and there is no help for loyal customers.

I want my voice to be heard and I'm sure others suffered similar treatment.
Is there any place beside this forum to complain?


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