Bait and Switch



Beware Directv is doing Bait and switch tactics now. They agreed on my bill to be 85 and change plus tax, the first bill I receive is 92and change plus tax. They told me their programming changed therefor the price moved up $6.5 per month. When I agreed on the 12 month commitment last month the price was supposed to be $85. I called they said basically tuff and I could not get out of commitment either! BAIT AND SWITCH! I have filed a complaint with the FCC I am sure they are using this tactic on other customers as well. Here is part of one of the conversations I had with them where they agree that was the price it was supposed to be when I agreed to stay for a additional 12 months

ROBERT : it does say the price should be the 85 correct
Sherwen M. (ID 100625320): We tried and did our best to make our prices to the minimum. And this price change will take effect.
ROBERT : so the price is noted in my account from last month that it would be 85 correct?
Sherwen M. (ID 100625320): Your estimated bill now with the price change is $92.12, Robert.
ROBERT : thats not what I asked
ROBERT : Was my account noted last month to be 85?
Sherwen M. (ID 100625320): It was Robert, and it is before the price change.
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