Bandwidth Limits


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Does Cox or is Cox planning to establish bandwidth limits like Charter already has? I'm not a big fan of this business model and plan on writing the FCC to ask that these type of moves be blocked. We have no bandwidth shortage and the only reason the cable companies are doing this is to block internet TV from becoming a threat to their business model. We can't allow one provider to start blocking competition from the free market, otherwise it would not be a free market.
Ok stupid question...what do you mean by bandwidth limits? Like if you have too much you can't use their cable? I don't understand that concept and I don't think that anyone should be blocked...other wise it will all become a monopoly.


I fully understand what you are talking about and I think they already do have limits on the amount of bandwidth you can use for internet. I know this because recently have I have been getting many messages from cox stating I need to call them because my internet account has been temporarily blocked.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Yes, there is already a bandwidth limit but typically it can only be reached by constantly downloading huge items or by streaming something over the internet from one of your computers. Usually you'll get a call from customer service about the issue and they will ask you to reduce your usage or something like what attagirl said might happen.