Barney Frank Video at townhall meeting


Anybody see this yet today? Some person compared Obama To Hitler and Barney Frank just lets her have it. LOL



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This type of vile viral language is going to kill any hope of universal health care. All because a few people would rather not have health care because they hate even moderate lefts.

Anyone that looks at the US compared to other nations objectively will see we have a HUGE problem with the status quo.


I think a lot of people feel that they're personally covered as well as they would be even with reform. Given that, they feel that it is in their own personal best interest to do whatever they can to ensure that reform doesn't happen, since they only see down-side for themselves (at the very least they will have to compete for care with people who, without reform, would not have access to care), and they don't care about the up-side for anyone else. I suppose selfishness is an ethic for some people.