Batman: A different costume


Back when I was a kid and before DVDs and VHS, we had film. The following screen cap is from one of those films available from most stores back in the day.

Gotta' say I always loved the look better than the leotards that Batman and most other superheroes wear to this day and IMO, to put it bluntly, it makes him look far more bad ass. The green cape, cowl, and gloves also added to the "new" look and the parachute harness straps reminds one of Hawkman. Did I mention Batman looks more bad assed? For what ever reason, I've always been fascinated by that cover art.

Disclaimer: Batman never appears in the movie wearing those threads. In fact the cover art is from another Batman movie filmed six years later and he didn't appear in that one dressed that way either. Never the less if DC comics/Warner Bros. ever decides to give Batman a new look I think they should consider the cover art from that film.


He looks buff and waxed. Haha. back then we no such thing as far as I know. Perhaps it is those unprotected loins that make these guys seem bullet-proof and without fear. I guess a lot of weight lifters, boxers and the like wore shorts the superheroes also had the same Man O' Action outfits.