Batman tv series.


Just watched the old Batman tv series on MeTV (recorded from last week) and was wondering how these old shows are distributed to tv stations nowadays. Surely the tv stations are not still using 16mm film prints as they did way back when so are the distributors distributing these shows onto dvd or tape for the tv stations to use or what?

I ask because tv providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon only show what's been released on dvd, and the Batman tv series hasn't been released on dvd. I just wanna' know how tv stations show older films that haven't been released on dvd.
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I haven't a clue, but I am happy that they do. They obviously still retain the ability to do so. There are many wonderful TV and movie programs that have not become a part of today's media feed.


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Alexack is right, a lot of those old shows (and classic movies) have been converted to digital format for many broadcasters/channels. Though there are a lot of broadcasters who still rely on old tapes for some content. One of our local stations here in Salt Lake City is mostly analog still!


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Another cool deal with this is Lost in Space is on right after Batman. Back when they both first aired the 2 shows were on at the same time on Wednesday. Nice to be able to see both now.

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MeTV runs two episodes of Batman followed by Lost In Space, followed by the original Star Trek here on Saturday evenings. Great retro fun!