Battles 2: Wasting All These Steals on You (Blogging The Voice)


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Blogging The Voice:
Battles 2: Wasting All These Steals on You

Megan Ruger vs. Audra McLaughlin (Team Blake)
The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

I don't like this pairing from the start, because I want to see both continue. They did great at picking a song together, however. The duet was very evenly matched, and while Megan was one of my favorites going in, Audra deserved the win equally. Audra's voice is more unique. She's simply been matched up against tough competition (Alaska & Madi in the first Battle).

My pick: Both. Why no steals? I'm looking forward to seeing what Audra does in the coming weeks.

Cierra Mickens vs. TJ Wilkins (Team Usher)
Get Here (Oletta Adams)

This seems like a good pairing, but I personally prefer Cierra, so I know going in who I want to move forward. TJ is too breathy on this song, and not in a good way. Cierra's performance was brilliant. Cierra has way more left to show us than TJ.

My pick: Cierra. By a mile.Usher is an idiot. Again, where were the steals?

Jake Worthington and Tess Boyer (Team Blake)
Have a Little Faith in Me (John Hiatt)

Jake's already shown improvement since his first appearance (an unsuccessful audition last season). Tess wasn't really as memorable, to me, in the previous rounds. They're both underdogs in the competition, and I'm not sure if I'd miss either.

But then – they sang! It was one of the most surprising performances yet this season. This is the first time I've seen Jake as a real contender, and it seems as though Tess brought that out (along with the coaching). Close, but I think Jake can be more successful moving forward.

My pick: Jake. Blake agrees! Finally, a steal – but while Tess is good, I'm really not convinced she deserves one of only four steals.

Christina Grimmie vs. Sam Behymer (Team Adam)
Counting Stars (One Republic)

Ugh, do they make the pairings just to break my heart? Their song choice was smart, since both are females tackling a male singer's song. Both seem to really get what they need to do to win the whole show.

This was one of the best performances yet. Flawless. Sam was just a bit more on point, during this song. Also, Christina already has a popular YouTube channel and album, so I wouldn't miss her on this show quite as much. Sam is top 3 material.

My pick: Sam. I like Christina, but this is a total travesty that Sam is not continuing. And again, where's the steals? Where are the coaches' minds?

Josh Murley vs. Patrick Thompson (Team Shakira)
Run to You (Bryan Adams)

Frankly, I'm not particularly a fan of either of these guys. And I'm still annoyed at the eliminations from earlier. This performance didn't change my mind. Josh's voice is more to my liking, but he doesn't have enough strength. Neither has shown anything that makes me think they could win.

My pick: Josh, but only by default. I'm really not torn up either way. (Patrick won.)

Delvin Choice vs. Josh Kaufman (Team Adam)
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours (Stevie Wonder)

Delvin is a more powerful singer, but Josh has a different take on things that is appealing. I wasn't sure who I wanted to continue before their performance, and after, I'm still undecided. It was a decent performance, but the song is so catchy already that their choices didn't blow me away. (BTW, Let me contain my skepticism in the veracity of reality TV that the sponsor Starbucks' employee is still in the competition.)

My pick: Delvin, only because I think he has a better shot in the live rounds. Adam agrees. Another steal, but not really steal-worthy in comparison to other artists.

Wrap Up of Battles 2, Night One:

Chris Martin was definitely a great choice for the “key advisor.” His comments seemed useful and yet were not drawn out. Plus, that accent doesn't hurt.

Every single choice, of whether to steal or not steal contestants, was wrong. #SorryNotSorry. The point of the steals is to make up for errors in pairings and keep the truly great voices from leaving. All the singers are good, but we need to see the best. This didn't happen tonight.

Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington, and Christina Grimmie do deserve to move on.

I'm extremely sad to see Sam Behymer go; this was the most frustrating elimination yet. Cierra and Megan also join the ranks of those eliminated too soon.