Bazelon Pitches 'Value Proposition' In Spectrum Clearing


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Bazelon Pitches 'Value Proposition' In SpectrumClearing - 2011-04-11 20:29:33 | Broadcasting & Cable
Coleman Bazelon, the economist whose study the Consumer Electronics Association has used to back its call for moving broadcasters off their spectrum, will make that plea in person at an April 12 House Communications Subcommittee hearing on spectrum issues.

According to a copy of his prepared testimony from the hearing, Bazelon will pitch legislators on his theory that a spectrum auction will be a marketplace mechanism for reassigning spectrum to a higher-value use, he presumes wireless broadband, from a lower-value use--he presumes broadcasting. He argues that can be done while leaving at least four broadcasters in each top-30 market, and maybe more. That would still be a potential loss of dozens of stations in some of the largest markets.