BBC finds oldest working TV in Britain...from 1936!

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The TV is a 1936 Marconiphone and it's owned byJeffrey Borinsky, an electrical engineer.

The set appears to be in good condition, but Mr Borinsky aims to replace a number of modern components with originals.
"The cabinet was beautifully restored by the previous owner," he explained,' but my aim is to gradually restore its electronics to its true 1936 magnificence," he said.
Video and story: BBC NEWS | Technology | Oldest UK television discovered


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Fantastic find! Thanks for posting. Audiokarma has a lot of old television collecctors, repairmen and buffs. They have a section devoted to them. Great stuff!

Id like to get a Sylvania SuperSet from the late 70s or early 80s.


Just think! He can connect it to a CECB. After all these years he can finally use a remote control for his channel selection. :behindsofa:

I think there are a number of these old sets out there. I still have an old color set with dual detent tuners. It'll be connected to a CECB some day.


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This is a great picture of the legendary Marconi. Look at the antennas on that Eifel style tower! Cool!
I am not sure, just throwing this out for fun and thought. I wonder if that is an early VHF array on that tower, or could it be just an electrically shortened medium or short wave antenna?

What was the TV band at that time or was there one?
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