BCS bowl ratings down, but ESPN likes what it sees


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"The Bowl Championship Series and TV partner ESPN might have another problem besides critics screaming for a playoff: TV ratings.

Overnights for the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl on ESPN on Saturday dropped 15% and 22% respectively from last year."

BCS bowl ratings down, but ESPN likes what it sees - USATODAY.com

Fewer people watching... Meanwhile Sunday Night Football on NBC is the most watched weekly program. What a deal!!!


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Did you all notice that the traditional Rose Bowl and Fiesta bowl are no longer on network TV? Because people keep giving their money to ESPN - whether they watch ESPN or not - to buy the rights to every sport in America?

Bowl game ratings often reflect the importance of the matchup and the national interest in the teams. But one reason for the lower ratings for the Rose and the Fiesta Bowls was their shift from a broadcast to a cable network, which is available to fewer households. Fox had four of the B.C .S. games until ESPN outbid it by $100 million for the rights to carry them from 2011 to 2014. ESPN shifted the Rose Bowl from its spot on ABC.

Why Are The Rose Bowl And The Fiesta Bowl On ESPN Instead Of Network Television? What's Gotten Into Network Television? - Find Answers to this Question
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