Being teased about reward cards - DirecTV

I recently moved and was excited about getting U-Verse back. Had it in the past and prefer it over Verizon (Frontier) and Time Warner

I purchased the U-300 plan, upgraded internet plan and they threw the landline in for free. Cool! Then I am told "Sir, you qualify for $400 in rewards cards, you will receive them in 4-6 weeks after the equipment is installed." REALLY COOL! I had the equipment installed first of August. Around the end of August I start looking for the reward cards, nothing. Finally, around the first of October I call and inquire about my rewards cards. I get a CSR who tells me, "Sir I am sorry we sent you a letter in August and you did not respond to the letter in a timely manner, therefore you forfeit the rewards cards". WHAT!?!?!? I never received the letter. "Sorry sir, we did not receive the letter back either from you or the post office so you forfeit the reward cards”. But I never received a letter. Then the CSR tells me to contact customer retention, so I do…same story. This is a load of garbage!! It’s amazing, they are happy to tell you about GETTING the $400 in rewards cards but it’s must have slipped EVERYONE’s freaking minds at AT&T to tell the customer, oh by the way, if you don’t reply to our “Letter” in a timely manner, you don’t get the reward cards.

Makes me want to go back to Frontier.

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