Best 40" HDTV with apps?



Looking for the best 40" HDTV to buy this month. Anyone have opinions?

I definitely want 1080p, internet apps, and a quick refresh rate for gaming.
I'd say get a Samsung UN40EH6000 for $550 and a Roku XS for streaming and apps. I know the Samsung doesn't have built-in access to wi-fi or apps, but I think having the Roku and being able to update it or upgrade to a different unit down the line is more beneficial.


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If you're buying this month, check out clearance sales. Stores are blowing out last years models at ridiculous prices now that the Superbowl is over - my local Wal Mart has lots of brand name TVs of all types and sizes. Try to stick with well known names like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Vizio, and LG.

And I agree with Thomas G - Get a good deal on a good TV without concern for the internet features, and buy a $50 Roku LT. It's far more flexible than a "smart" TV.