Best 46" HDTV for under $2,000

Jason Fritz

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Anyone have any recommendations for a 46" HDTV? Must haves are: 1080p, LED, LAN for internet TV, and maybe 3D. I'll be doing some research this weekend and posting what I come up with here in this thread too.


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well are looking a LED edge technology or a full LED one?

or a LCD LED TV?

i have myself a plasma TV was in good deal and have a good image quality looks the colors natural and the fast motion scenes looks not blurry
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I think I might soon be getting my new TV that I've been hoping for during the last couple of years. I don't want a plasma though. I'll look forward to seeing what you find out, Jay.


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Jay, make sure you check the clearance deals at Walmart, I know they had a few different LED models in that size range in both my local stores. In fact, the highest price I found on any of the clearance TV sets there was just over $1000 (for a 55" LCD).