Best antenna for Providence, UT?

I live in Providence, UT near Spring Creek Middle School. I was wondering if Mr. Pogi or anyone could give me any advice on a good antenna to use for the area. It would be roof mounted.

Here is a link to an approximate TV Fool report base upon the location of the Spring Creek Middle School.
Your best shot at the major network signals would be to aim an UHF antenna toward The translators. 196 degrees magnetic. I base that off of a rabbit report. Click on the call signs to see what's on the channel.
While Mr. Pogi would have more knowledge of your area I'd suggest trying the Stellar Labs 30-2155.
Any of the good 4 bay style UHF antennas currently available should also be considered.


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Mr. Pogi suggests this
Quad Bay Outdoor HDTV/DTV/UHF Bowtie Television Antenna by Stellar Labs pointed to about 208 degrees. You won't get channel 8, but there's nothing there of interest!