Question: Best antenna for San Francisco Mission?


Hi all,
I'm looking for some advice on the best antenna and equipment to buy to get the main channels - ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, CW, etc. Like others, I would like to stop paying that cable bill and get local network TV stations. Will something like the Wineguard Flatwave Indoor series work for me? I'm using the FAQ sticky to provide all the info you may need about my setup. Thanks!!

Main Assembly:
I do not have an antenna yet

Is the Antenna to be/or installed: On top of your TV (same Room), window, etc. I do not have access to install on roof or attic or pole, etc.

If inside (same room) on which floor is the Viewing Area:
My apartment is on the 1st floor of a 3 story building. My 1 TV is next to a Bay window facing North that looks out to the backyards of a city block, all 3 story buildings in San Francisco's Mission District, zip 94110. Sutro tower is due West 2.5 miles, but because I am on the first floor, I am concerned about building interference. Should I maybe try picking up from the tower near Roehnert Park, 44 miles North?

Do you have an Antenna Rotator: No

Are you presently using a Pre-Amplifier: No

How many linear Cable feet is it between your Antenna and the most far TV: None - no antenna yet, 1 TV

How many TV sets will be/are presently being used, on this system: 1

How many Splitters are in use in your system: 0

Are you using a Distribution Amplifier: No

Additional Information:
Are you/do you plan to integrate Cable or Satellite Services with this system: No, the only other equipment to be connected to my TV will be my Hulu streaming device

Is there anything else you would like to provide concerning construction, obstructions or geographical issues? Again, Sutro tower is due west. I'm on the first floor surrounded by 3 story buildings

Fringe Reception

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Your reception potential is very hard to predict because you are close to many high-power transmitters, and you are on the first floor of a building surrounded by other buildings. In your area you have mostly UHF stations plus a couple high-band VHF which includes KGO-7 (ABC). You also have two low-band VHF stations which many or may not be received no matter what antenna you try.

You do NOT need an amplified antenna and I suggest a cheap 1950s-1960s style Rabbit Ears with a UHF loop built in. Good luck and please keep us posted on your results.


PS I found an image of the type of antenna I would try and I had to share it.