Best beach in the United States

We currently live in Chesapeake Virginia which is about 20 minutes from Virginia Beach. We enjoy heading down there on the weekends before vacation season hits. Up until then it is somewhat quiet and clean. What beaches have you been to and are they clean?


I live in Florida, but personally I haven't been to many different beaches. From what I've seen, though, Clearwater and New Smyrna are the best. Both have really awesome sand and are reasonably well-kept for coastline cities.
Id agree with Cadus- those are good beaches. St Augustine is also good. The beaches along the Gulf coast are great for kids or those who are not strong swimmers because the waves are not as bad.
I live in Florida so we go to St. Augustine beach every now and then. For it to be on the Atlantic coast I really like this beach. It is not too crowded and you will be able to have a nice time with your family. I got an amazing tan while I was there. Another beach that I like is in Destin, Florida. I would have to say that I love the Gulf waters better than the Atlantic. The only downside to Destin is it isn't really much to do in the city except the beach and the outlet malls.