best brand box and antenna to buy?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
For the best converter boxes, we've had a few good reviews on the following:

If you're wanting an antenna recommendation, we're going to need more informaion:

How far away from the broadcast towers are you? (visit TV Fool - Home and plug in your information, or take a guess)

What is your city, and state?

Are there any obstructions around your house or dwelling?

In the mean time, one of our moderators has a great antenna review thread at:


I've got the RCA DTA800 converter box and it works pretty good for me. Easy setup, and receives all of the DTV stations with a powered antenna.

There are a lot of different options available for converter boxes, but the RCA seems to have the least amount of complaints.
stay away from the magnavox unless you have a good setup and you live close or in the city. i onl get 1 channel (CBS 4.1 DT)

i bought a brand new antenna today, havent tried fooling with it or adjusting it much yet.