Best Brand

What do you consider the best brand for HDTVs? I'm looking to get at least a 42" TV and I need some input on what model to get...we don't really play a lot of games so that doesn't matter we just really watch tv and watch movies.


i think that samsung and sony are the best brands. samsung is not that expensive but it has a good quality. for sony, it is quite expensive but i also think that it has the best quality.


sony is expensive,but quality will be good.sound is equaliser performance.good display clarity.many additional features are also available.if you buy sony with home theatre,it is best product


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My sister just purchased me a Samsung and at the same time got herself one. My Samsung is 32"; hers is smaller, but my point is that she already has two other, bigger Samsungs that she likes a lot. She's very perceptive with sight and sound, and she's sold on the Samsungs. I know that in the past, with the old style, I was sold on Mitsubishi. I've had Mitsubishi everything, and they've all been wonderful. If I were buying myself, I'd probably at least check the MIts. out as well as the Samsungs, although I'm not sold on the Samsung connectibility as yet since I'm having problems hooking up components still.