Best Cable Modems For High Speed Internet in 2014

In 2014 high speed internet will only be increasing in popularity. As people move more and more towards getting rid of the old dial up connections that are on their way out the door. In order to have the best internet possible, though, you’ll have to have a modem that is capable of delivering the data to your home and allowing you to access all of your precious websites and videos. Important to note here is that all of these will come from Motorola. Year after year they are consistently the best performers out there. Here are the best ones for the coming year:

-SURFboard Gateway SBG6580 - $123.99

This modem from Motorola is one of the standards in the industry. It is what many people receive when they sign up for service and decide to rent a modem from their internet provider. This modem is perfect for small businesses, residential homes, and any small organization that needs a reliable internet connection.

The installation CD makes everything easy to install, the cable connection makes it fast, and everything can be managed from a browser window. This makes it one that is among the easiest to use out of all of the modems on the market. There have been some concerns about how long they last, but most people seem to be very happy with it on a long term basis.

-Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 - $87.99

This is a cheaper option for people with a cable internet connection, but it comes with a lot of the same quality.

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This modem is capable of handling 300Mbps of data and is perfect for all of the streaming video that many people rely on for their television and movies now. If you are a big Netflix user, this is an ideal modem. It is just as easy to use as any of the other Motorola modems and seems to actually last longer than the SBG6580 model that is so popular. When it comes to being cost effective, this model is king.

Users with Comcast have had problems with this modem in the past, but most other providers offer full support for this gateway.

-SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS - $66.99

It gets hard to tell the difference between these modems since they are all from a single manufacturer, but for many people the price is a very important thing. This is the cheapest of these three models, which many people prefer since they believe that modems will only last so long and will have to be frequently replaced.

As for features, this modem is fairly basic, but it does support all operating systems and it is the simplest to use. Plug and Play installation makes it the easiest to install, online diagnostics make problems easy to assess, and the wide ranging support for almost all internet providers makes it a very versatile machine. For the cost conscious, this can’t be beat.

Choosing A Modem

For the most part, the cable modem decision comes down to price once you understand which ones are the best. Motorola doesn’t make a bad modem, but these are the three best that would serve anyone well. If you are worried about the price, the choice is obvious, just as much as it is obvious if you are looking for all out power and don’t mind paying a little more.
I definitely need to find a better modem because according to the tech people my laptop connection is slow. Thanks for posting this , I can always refer back to it when I do decide to get a better modem. My modem is currently through Time Warner Cable.
My cable is provided through Brighthouse Networks and they offer the Motorola modem which I am a huge fan of. When I have guests over who connect to my WiFi they always comment on my internet speed. Recently Brighthouse upgraded the modems they were using and my old modem was replaced with the new model. The internet speed was acceptable before the upgrade now it has surpassed my expectations. Motorola is definitely the way to go.

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