best CSI


what is your favorite or what do you think is the best CSI show? is it Miami, Las Vegas or New York? I like New York better than the two. the episodes are very interesting.


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My favourite has always been CSI: Las Vegas. I loved Grissom's character. Now that he's gone, I just haven't been able to watch the show in the same way. Cases are less interesting and Grissom was a huge driving character. I don't mind NY, but can't really stand Miami.


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I have to say CSI: Crime Scene Investigation aka: Las Vegas. It's always been my favorite. I don't like Miami at all. I've only watched one episode that I've liked, and that's because Michael Shanks was in it. I just don't get the David Caruso factor. I do like NY and Gary Sinese, but for some weird reason, it didn't really hook me. I watch it occasionally but not regularly.