Question: best deep fringe uhf tv antenna for dxing

i would like to know which antenna is best for gain for deep fring uhf tv dxing-the winnegard 9032,antennas direct xg91,antennas direct new db8e 8 bay or the solid signal xg91blade antenna(looks like the antennas direct xg91? i am primarily using it for uhf tv channels 20 thru 45. i will be mounting this on a 35' tower-self supporting.

thank you very much-dave the dxer in pittsburgh pa.


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If you really want to dx, maybe a stacked set of antenna is your best bet.

That is, of course, unless you can get your hands on the "Holy Grail" of UHF deep fringe antennas, the the Channel Master 4251:

I suggest you read this page here: Channel Master 4251 Tribute Page

Several people have found 8-bay antennas to be nearly as good as the CM 4251, with the added "perk" of not being as directional. A "stacked" pair of DB8e's would be expensive, though. But there are a lot of other 8 bay antennas out there for less money with nearly as good gain. If you wanted a real directional antenna, stack a pair of 91xg's or one of the other cheaper but similar antennas like the Xtreme Signal HDB91x - you could get a pair of them for little more than the price of just one 91xg.

Here's an interesting pic:

If you're going to put a rotor on anything stacked, you will need a HAM - quality rotor.


For a currently available single antenna for DX.

The Channel Master CM4228HD and Antennas Direct DB8e.

Are very close in reception ability.

The DB8e does have the ability of separate aiming of
each 4 bay antenna.

Upright vertical antennas do a good job of DX reception
because a signal (at long distance->X ) will move up and down
and side to side and rotate clock wise and counter clock
wise by the time it arrives at reception location.

Movements of the signal is 1 Reason for stacking of the
long Yagi and long Log Periodic antennas.


A point of view about True DX Reception of Long Distance X signal.

When the signal is in , It's In.

Skip , Ducting , Earth Wave , Etc. , when the signal
is at the reception location , then the Signal Is At The
Reception Location.

The same above information above also applies to reception
of closer Tv transmitters that are , as a point of view ,
'a few miles beyond the finger tips' at the reception location.

More information is on the internet about True Tv and Radio DX.

Information provided by Guest GS.