Best Entertainment System for Gaming

I'm interested in getting a nice but affordable entertainment system, ideal for gaming. Don't care how it looks, as long as it has a nice, crisp display and good sound quality. Any suggestions?
My boyfriend is all for the xbox. If you are gamer and you want a good system xbox is nice...and it's affordable. Recently the prices dropped to right around $200...much more affordable than the PS3.
The Xbox 360 has great graphic and sound quality. It is also priced reasonably. There are some very good games for this system. Price at $200 its a good buy.


Are you guys talking about the sound system for the Xbox? Because I think what Somnilocus is asking is what entertainment system would go good with gaming as far as the sound system and a good display (in other words entertainment system, not a game console like the xbox), but I could be wrong. I'd like to know the same thing as well. I want something that sounds great but won't put me in debt for years.

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