Best Indoor Antenna Options for DTV users

Well, i bought a new mobile home (my old one burned in a fire a few weeks ago) and i found out the antenna that's built in is inoperative and the wire had been cut.

So i didn't want to get any holes in my roof trying to put a new one up so i found an indoor antenna and i found possibly the best one ever. most of my channels are 30+ miles away, and according to TVfool, all but two are in that 2edge range that makes them extremely hard to pickup. but now i'm getting 19 channels all clear, even during this huge windstorm we're having!

It's a Phillips HDTV antenna, that has a 50Db gain to it. the center flat portion is directional so it requires aiming but i get about 75-90% on all channels. i thought i'd recommend this one for those who need an indoor antenna for DTV reception. it's about $39.99 at K-mart here, so it's not very expensive. it also has a pass-through port so you can hook another video source to it and bypass the antenna itself.


I'm using the indoor Philips PHDTV1 Silver Sensor. With our broadcast towers only 18 miles away, it does flickering or pixelation. No complaints really. Installation was done in about 10 second. Paid $25.99 at Best Buy.