Question: Best Indoor TV Antenna?

Wasn't sure if we had a comprehensive listing of favorite, or "best" indoor TV antennas? I've seen some good input across the different threads for ones to try out, so just looking to get more input on a single thread. I'll try to take some time to pull some of the inputs over to here to share this week as well. THanks!
Most moderators here will tell you there's no such thing as a "good" indoor antenna.

A moderator who is no longer very active did a huge roundup on another site. It's a little dated, and he only tested UHF channels above 33 for the chart (which is why the DB2 and the C2 topped out at 7/7):
EV's Recommended & Top Rated DTV Indoor UHF/VHF Set Top Antenna Review Round-Up Guide

Now, if a C2 is allowed, and a DB2, I don't know why you can't go whole hog for a DB4e, a C2-V or a HD4221. Any of those would top the chart.

Here's a study comparing several indoors:
The Best Indoor HDTV Antenna (For Cities) | The Wirecutter

Problem with that study is they give a lot of weight to "picture quality" and they did not restrict it to pixelation or drop out problems. They don't seem to realize digital is either perfect, or completely unusable. IMO, their testers were grading on whether or not they liked the camera angles on whatever shows happened to be on with each antenna. That goes a long way toward explaining their totally inconsistent results for Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.

There was another flawed study that taped antennas to a window. He used a splitter, so amped antennas rated high, and he refused to aim the antennas (to make it more like a typical user) so antennas with reflectors did poorly.

I don't know if anyone will ever do it right. It takes some money and a lot of time.

Thanks much for all of the antenna shares. The C2 definitely looks like it's one of the most promising ones, but again so do a number of the others listed on the articles.
Totally understand the "no such thing as a good indoor" antenna concept as well :)
Here is another interesting indoor test.
Indoor TV Antenna | HDTVexpert
That's the "flawed study that taped antennas to a window" I mentioned above. I've dealt with this very thoroughly in past posts:

At the time, nobody challenged my conclusions and dkreichen thanked me for "that informative analysis," not to say he necessarily agrees with every point.

We have more information now than when Putman did his test, and I think it's clear the Flatwave is better than the Leaf. (And the HD Blade is a cheap way to get a Flatwave -- a win/win.) I also think Putman's test was unfair to the Micron. But Mohu did a great job getting free product to lots of reviewers, biasing early tests. It took a while for public opinion to catch up to reality.

I like this one better. In the unamplified category the Rat Shack bow tie won.
Indoor TV antenna review | HDTVexpert
I know it's still a flawed study.
Same guy, round 2. There was a 3rd round too. He tried to make it look/sound super scientific, but he skimped on anything that would require actual [Maynard G. Krebs voice:] WORK. No aiming, no trying different positions, used a splitter and more coax than necessary, the first Flatwave was broken, and he didn't mention the second one tied the Leaf on his chart.

He put in maybe a weeks worth of work, including procuring the antennas and writing the article. I think a real test would take at least two days for each antenna, so for three rounds it comes to something like a month and a half, eight hours a day. Course, I don't want it bad enough to PAY him $20 an hour... :flypig: