Best Large Button Remote? Any reviews?


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I'm looking for a large button universal remote to buy for my parents. Something that has the buttons labeled and are big enough and easy to push.

Any suggestions or reviews on this style of remote? I'll need to program my parents TV, DVD player, and possibly a cable box to it if possible.


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These remotes have big buttons. The smaller one will control 3 devices, and the larger controls 4.

Big Button Remotes | Tek Partner | Tek Pal | Big Button Universal Remotes | Large Button TV Remote Control

BUT... not all remotes work for all devices or functions. Make sure you check the manuals before you buy to see if your parent's devices are supported. Buy from some place that has a liberal return policy in case the remote is not compatible your devices, like Amazon Big Button BW1220 Universal Remote Control

Remember, YOU will probably have to program these for your parents unless they are tech savvy.


Wow, no more glasses! Seriously, these are strangely oversized remote controls! I mean, who would find them practical? They tend to need a substantial place on teh couch on their own!!!