Best place for TV and movie reviews?

I am a big fan of AV Club for TV reviews and recaps. Todd VanDerWerff is probably my biggest blog idol. I read almost all his recaps even though I don't watch most of those shows (looking at you, RuPaul's Drag Race).

For movies, I don't have as much of an opinion? I don't trust any one reviewer's opinion too much. I usually just go off what I hear people say is good, then I look at Rotten Tomatoes as a final verification. Like, with the Oscars, I was able to sort of guess what'd be nominated for Best Picture based off these two things. Though, I must admit, I hard to try really hard to hear of Philomena. Sorry :|
I don't really know how to use IMDb I guess -- I mostly use it to figure out who a certain actor or director is. And you didn't like any of this years nominees for Best Picture?? Not one?


Rotten Tomatoes: Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers | Reviews
IMDb - Movies, TV and Celebrities

Two of the most trusted sources for me. I'm not one for watching Oscar award winning movies, mostly because I think a lot of the new stuff out isn't as good as the 80's and 90's movies.
I'm going to kinda agree about THIS year's movies. Most of them didn't look too appealing. 12 Years a Slave, however, looks really good. Probably going to see it this weekend. Something I have noticed about movies, though, is that movie-makers don't know what to do with the invention of cellphones. The idea that someone can contact anyone from anywhere punches holes in a lot of plots, and movie-makers don't know what to do with it. The trope of "No Signal" is getting pretty old.

And if it's the modern setting of movies that's got you down, the 12 Years a Slave film goes back to the 1800s! I don't think the movie exemplifies a "better time," though lol
12 Years a Slave definitely deserved to win. I was really afraid it wasn't going to just because Oscar folks are super old and super white. As Ellen DeGeneres said, "Two things can happen tonight: either 12 Years a Slave wins, or you're all racist." I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't win but they changed the card after she said that haha.

That being said, I loved Gravity. I'm not one for 3D / IMax, but that is one movie where I think it's definitely necessary. Special effects have just come so far, and I've come to accept I probably won't become an astronaut in this life :(