Best Place to buy?


Best Place To Buy

Wal-Mart is a good place for many people because they have stores all over and you can return it locally in case it doesn't work out for you.


Yeah go for wal Mart. There's a reason everyone buys there. You probably have it just round the block or something and you won't have to cover the shipping costs, it seems to be the best solution imho
I know Costco is not everywhere and not everyone has a membership, but for those who can get into Costco, I purchased mine there for $95 and it came with an hdmi cable and a free month of Hulu Plus. If Costco is not an option, Wal Mart and Amazon (at least today, the price can go up) appear to be the cheapest options.


@thesteveishere: That's cool. @Lily3: I normally like Amazon, but for some unknown reason, I just don't feel comfortable getting something like that, knowing that it could get stolen on way to me. Now if it were a book or something I wouldn't be so uncomfortable with it.
@FWAmie: I'm sure you could get it shipped so a signature is required. You could also have it insured. I don't bother with that stuff, cause I live in an apartment, and the delivery guys all leave stuff in the hallway. All my neighbors are honest. :rolleyes:



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got mu Roku 3 at Sam's Club. With hdmi cable and hulu+ for one month I paid, $84. It was mismarked but the club honored that error. The sign was changed by the time I left.