Best Streaming Service In 2014: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime

There are a lot of different streaming services out there at the moment. Everyone is trying to get in on the actin. Despite the large array of competition, though, there are still three primary contenders that are fighting for the top spot: Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. Which of these is the best? The answer isn’t quite that easy, but it is easy to see the benefits of each of them.

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Netflix is the most popular of all of the available services at the moment. 2014 is going to be a big year for them as well, although they don’t have the sheer number of programs that Hulu plans to roll out through the year. Despite that, for binge watching Netflix still seems to be on top. They have a huge back catalog, an ever-changing selection, and a science of directing movies and shows you might like directly at you with laser accurate genres. There isn’t much you can say about Netflix that hasn’t already been said.

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Hulu, and moreover Hulu Plus, has a lot of content that arguably rivals Netflix. Where Hulu has a leg up, at least in America, is in the ability to watch television shows the day after they air. Community, The Daily Show, Vampire Diaries, Parks and Recreation, and much more are here exclusively the very next day. That comes in part from the fact that this one is owned by many of the companies that produce these shows.

The movie selection isn’t lacking either. There is a lot to see here, but it doesn’t have quite the never ending feel that Netflix does. Classic movies, Criterion Collection films, and more from the world over are here, although they might not be as diverse as a lot of people would like.

Amazon Prime
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Amazon Prime is one that not many people think about enough. The service works great and has a good selection, but it suffers from a couple of setbacks. Many people think that it is already too expensive at $79 a year, but there is an increase coming that could be between $20 and $40. A lot of people have already said that this could be something that makes them cancel their subscription. On top of that, the design is flawed in a way that make it hard to find what you are looking for. It isn’t a major problem, but one that bothers some people.

The overall selection of videos is fairly good, but there is a lack of quality programming that is exclusive to Amazon. Plenty of the programs are available here, but are also available on other services like Netflix or Hulu. Problems come up when you have to move on to other programs that you pay an additional fee to buy on an episode by episode basis.

Which Will Be The Best In 2014?

Trying to understand which will come out on top in 2014 isn’t easy. There is a lot to think about and Amazon Prime might have already made a mistake, although that remains to be seen. They have the potential to become a larger player if they can keep capitalizing on their company’s popularity, but Netflix and Hulu are clear winners right now. It all depends on whether you are interested in current television shows or classic shows and movies.


Don't forget: Hulu programming is choked with commercials that even paying subscribers have to sit through. Worst yet: They are the same commercials over and over and over and over....

I fear Amazon might "Netflixit" by raising subscription rates that much. The main reasoning behind the increase (from what I've read online so far) is due to the cost of shipping merchandise. Instead of raising subscription rates on everyone, it would be smarter for Amazon to create 2 subscription tiers; one for streaming only customers (at a lower cost), and one for streaming and shopping customers (at the higher cost). Price is really their only advantage right now, and they'll lose that. They might as well do it correctly from the start.

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