Best TV for PS3


I'd like to get some ideas on which HDTV to get which will give me the best graphics with my PS3 and Blu-ray movies that I play on my PS3. I have about $800 to play with. Think I can get at least a 32" HDTV with 1080p considering my budget?


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You should be able to do better than 32" if you're a good shopper. I got a 52 clearance tv for $900 last year. YMMV.

If you're willing to wait, Black Friday is coming... suggest you stick with a standard flat panel, most bang for the buck. Plasmas are good, but for gaming - they still can sometimes burn in. Not as bad as they used to, but for PS3, why chance it?


I would have to say 55" HDTV we have, but I can't remember what type of TV it is. All I know is it has the word Hisense on the bottom of the TV screen. But it was like maybe 700 something dollars, if I remember right. It plays amazing graphics for ps3 and blu-ray.