BET The Oval episodes cut short in on demand



Hey XFinity, I started watching a BET show called "Tyler Perry's The Oval," and I just finished episode two via the XFinity on-demand service. The episode cut off roughly 8-10 minutes early. I've tried reloading the episode and forwarding to the end and rebooting my dvr box - the episode continues to cut off early. I then tried to go to to stream the last 8-10 minutes, but there's no option for XFinity users to login there to stream their episodes. WTH am I supposed to do? I'm only on episode two with 16 episodes to go so far in the season, and if this is what I can expect from the rest of the episode, I'm gonna be really upset. It's a really bad telenovella, and everyone knows the worthwhile parts of a show like that are in the last few minutes of the cliffhanger.

Episode one cut out early, but thankfully it got everything to me but the end credits. Episode one also had some weird glitch where the opening scene of the series played twice in a row.

Fix the episodes and get an agreement built with BET so that XFinity users can login there!

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