better reception


i put up an outdoor antenna on roof of my house. am pretty happy with overall. one small problem is reception breakup when windy, because got to much sway from antenna mast. someone direct me to good sturdy cheap mast about 15 feet. thanks in advance.:ballchain:


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How is it mounted?

Side of the house?
Eaves mount?
Chimney mount?
Vent mount?
Tripod mount?

Thanks. A picture or two are also worth a 1000 words.


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How high does the tripod extend up the mast?

3 feet?

5 feet?

Just off the top of my head....

You can get a guy wire kit and stabilize it that way.

You can also use PVC or better yet Aluminum EMT pipe and make homemade stabilizer bars for the mast....further up.

Also, you can get thicker Galvanized Steel EMT pipe 1.25" to 1.5" Outside diameter to use as a mast, in place of what you have. It is probably thicker walled than what you have.

Furthermore, you can reduce the height of the mast to say 10 feet (with a 5 ft tripod, should be really stable). However with a 3 foot tripod, then 5 ft mast is much better.

Just some ideas.