Beware, 9 days no service and counting - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Beware, 9 days no service and counting", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi All,

Just want to share my story, so everyone would think through in advance what he/she is going to do in case of situation like this:

Day 1: Tuesday.

Interent went out in the afternoon. I'm professional IT guy, and pretty sure that's not my stuff. Called support, Technitian visit scheduled for tomorrow.

Day 2: Wednesday.

Technitian # 1 came, checked everything, confirmed that this is external issue. Said that he created maintenance workorder #1 , and tomorrow it all be fixed.

Day 3: Thursday.

- Noon. That's when stuff get interesting. Called support to make sure workorder in place, but there where no Workorder, and they need another Technitian to come to my house and redo whatever Technitian # 1 did

- Afternoon: Technition #2 came, confirmed that this is external issue, created Maintenance workorder #2. Said it would be fixed within 24-48 hours. Get workorder number this time.

Day 4: Friday

- Noon. Called support. Support told workorder scheduled to be completed "today"

Noone came.

Day 5: Saturday

- Morning. Chatted with support, wast told that workorder to be completed "today"

- Afternoon. Chatter with support, recieved a callback from scheduler what literally told they are overbooked and can give no estimation when this is going to be completed.

Day 6. Sunday

- Who cares about customers on Sunday, I didn't even bother to call

Day 7. Monday

- Called support. Was told workorder would be completed "todya"

Noone came.

Day 8. Tuesday

- Called support, asked supervisor. Supervisor told that workorder scheduled to be completed "today", and I will recieve call from Scheduler.

Noone came. Noone called.

Day 9. Wednesday and counting (today 4/17/2019).

- I wonder what will happen today....

To me, this situation alrady cost $150 for mobile internet, and a lot of frustration.

Moreover, when I've requested credit for the whole month (on 8th day of outage). I've been told they they provide credit only for the time when there were no service.

To All: Think in advance, what would be your plan B if internet is down for long term, and you don't know when it would be fixed, maybe "today" and maybe "next month"

To Spectrum: Would anyone from Spectrum like to comment situation? No need in private messages, here is maintenance work order #260850587.

Have a great day everyone !!!

Beware, 9 days no service and counting?

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