BIG! Sharp Has The Largest LCD TV, 70-Inch Screen Available

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Actually, it's the largest LED LCD TV. It's dwarfed by the largest, also by Sharp:

I don't know if this monster is still being produced, but I know that they did make a number of them.

Panasonic also makes (made?) a 103" and 150" Plasma display.

Of course, I make big screens MUCH larger than that:

(This one is 14' x 48'. We make bigger, just can't find a pic right now!)
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I remember the 103 incher that was made a few years ago, and shipped to Dubai. I wonder which Sheikh's palace it is adorning now. Now they have up to 150 inches which is the upper limit of the manufacturing process.

We do need a new TV for the living room as our DLP is pretty much on its last legs. I was considering a 65 inch but if the 70 inch is priced right... :)

$3800 isn't that bad. It's what I paid for the DLP years ago.