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This is now the second time I have had to use this forum in order to get answers. When signing up for Uverse a year ago, had to deal with 2 different reps promising 2 different sign up incentives. Turns out they were only sending half of the specified gift card amount, but adjusted the bill for the disputed amount which was fine but I had the feeling that happens quite a bit. Looking into this forum and I can see that it does. Now, my discounts have anniversaried and the bill has increased about $96 per month. I spent an hour on hold only to get an overseas call center that offered to reduce the bill $30. I would be okay with that if the service was better, but frankly I am paying for top of the line bandwith and barely getting more than 2 WIFI bars in our condo. DVRs were supposed to be n/c per rep but we have been paying $10 a month for an extra one that constantly freezes up and the techs have no idea how to fix other than to reboot it over and over. $255 for mediocre cable service is not okay when there are other providers out there with much more competitive offers. I state that and am transferred to a domestic call center in which that representative only offers me $17 off my current bill? Why is it that no one ever seems to be on the same page at this company. As soon as I mention moving over to Cox I am told I will be contacted by now a 3rd person from AT&T, which I am guessing will not be able to do anything for me. While I understand that discounts will end, a 60% per month in increases for sub-par performance and history of bad service and even worse call waiting times are causing me to want to switch, no matter how inconvenient it is. AT&T better get its act together if it wants to stay in business. I get better service at the DMV.

This question, "Bill issues," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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