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I can't get an agent to help with my bill of $100 that was $35 but with no contract for the life of me.
And then you wanna be paid in full before you'll even consider it!?
My, my, my... And especially when I have called several times to get this resolved, but wanna know what I was told last time I called Xfinity? The agent told me I had just called Yahoo. Yes. I am not joking. I said, "Yahoo?!" And the agent said, "Yes sir. You just called Yahoo."
I thought it was some sordid joke being played on me...until I got the next bill. And still, nothing had changed since Xfinity decided I was just having to much of a great experience & increased my bill from $35 a month to over $100 a month FOR THE SAME EXACT SERVICE my bill TRIPLES all because I didn't have a contract.
So it makes one conclude that this was the intent all along when the initial young lady was giving me that great deal I guess this part of the deal was to be included only I wasn't in on that part of it...

EDIT: Yes, and the reason I am resorting to posting this on the forum is because I can't even chat with an error occurs & which has been a source of stress to me after having to re-write this again, as well.


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