I am looking for people to join me in a class action suit that have been screwed with AT&T billing. I was promised a bundle package and ended up with a 600.00 dollar bill within 2 months time. I have called and tried talking to AT&T with no results. They came out to my home on Jan 4th 2017 to install bundle services, yet they claim I don't have a bundle package and want me to pay for their mistake. I have several people have the same thing happen. I already put in a complaint to BBB and FCC. Next step is social medial. All of my friends have agreed to help and I am looking to get enough people bto start a class action law suit. This is fraud and bullying. If you don't pay the bill it goes on your credit.

This question, "BILLING FRAUD," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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