Billing Issues - DirecTV

Has anyone else had an issue with overall poor customer service, which results in you having to file a fromal complaint with the Federal Communications Commisson (FCC) or the Better Business Bureau like I have had to do? I am just posing this question because since I first established service with AT&T Uverse I have had nothing but problems. Every time I place a call to try to resolve my concern, I spend hours on the phone being transfered from one representative that has no clue as to what they are doing to yet another representative. In addition, I have been made promises that one my debit card would be removed from my account, only to find out that was a lie when an unauthorized transaction goes through my bank account. Also, I have been promised that I would recieve a $400.00 visa card for moving and continuing my service with AT&T Uverse, only to never has the card issues or anything on my account which shows that I would be getting what I was promised. Also, has anyone only than me found it exremely hard to file a direct complaint against this company?

This question, "Billing Issues," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.