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For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Billing Promotions
That time has come for your promotions to expire and you notice your bill will be increasing during the next billing cycle. Here is some information to help you understand promotions and the expiration process.

  • Not all promotions last forever. They typically last for 12 months although we do have 3 and 6 month offers. (If your promotion rolls off your account sooner than the timeframe you were advised and the dates correspond with that on your bill please Private Message us.)
  • There is typically a notification on your bill to inform you that your promo is expiring.
  • There is almost always a time requirement to have active service before a promotional bill credit is applied.
  • Most promotions are based on the package you order. Therefore making changes to your order after you have been quoted a specific rate could change your promo offer.

  1. There are personalized offers for you in your portal.
  2. Log into your account with your member id and password

  3. Then click on “View all offers” to see what offers are available to you. You will be redirected to another page where you should be able to make account changes.

  • We also have promotions listed on our website if you are interested in a new product or service that you may be eligible for.
There are times when customers are informed of a promotional offer and the offer is missing from the account. In this situation we will need to review your account to evaluate several things.

  • The promotion that was offered
  • When it was offered
  • Eligibility requirements at the time of the offer

We will do our best to honor promotional offers when the promotion is within our control.

Some promotions are no longer available to add after 45 days.

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