Bio and History gone from SES1 (101.0w) FTA Ku band


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Scanning the FTA Satellite forums, I came upon some rather sad news: Biography and History channels are no longer on SES 1. - SES 1 (101.0 W) channels
FTA Ku-band channels on SES 1 (101.0 W)

SES-1 replaced AMC-4 (and AMC-2) at 101 degrees west in June 2010.
For many months, this was the home of two channels of pay-TV programming in the clear. Most recently, those two were Biography and History. In late December 2011, those two vanished with the other, scrambled, channels on their transponder. It was fun while it lasted.
Channel Count: 5
Last update: 02/09/12
Sorry if I'm late to the party with this news, but- I don't even have my FTA dish up yet!
This was one of the satellites I wanted to get when I got my FTA dish set up. The only channels left in English on SES 1 now are Pentagon Channel and Pentagon Channel HD. Needless to say, SES 1 is no longer on my list of satellites to set up!
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