Black Friday 2011 HDTV Deals


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For those seeking a small TV, Dollar General has Craig TV sets on sale: Audio & Video - Batteries & Electronics - Dollar General Dollar General is currently offering free shipping, too.

13": $89

15": $99

17": $119

All are 720p, and if you're looking for a TV that will run on DC, (Emergency TV, or for your RV) these units have a power adapter, so you could rig a cable for DC power if you're handy.

I have not seen one, so I have no idea how good they are. I have read some negative reviews on the 15" regarding limited viewing angle, though.


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I would think there are much better deals coming. I know I got a 21" Symphony for $100 last year on Amazon and locally I've seen 32" 720p for lower, so I think if you shop around and wait for the deals, you can get some good ones.


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Last year Amazon matched everyone's deals. So I would look there. Also, if you don't live in WA they do not collect sales tax.


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The tax thing is going to be changing. Amazon is fighting the fight. In CA, this will be the last year of no tax with Amazon I think. Sad.
last year my wife and I got our tv a few weeks before black friday (we got a 51" samsung plasma and it's treated us well this year). anyway we got it from a local PC Richard & son and they gave us a deal where if we found anything cheaper on black friday they'd give us the difference. I'm pretty sure it had to be a brick and mortar offer but we didn't notice anything cheaper online either at the time cuz we had gotten them down pretty cheap on the deal. anyway i wonder if best buy or other stores will do that this year.

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