BLACKOUTS - WHY - Time Warner TV

This question is about "BLACKOUTS - WHY", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I understand BLACKOUTS forced upon us by the networks in certain cases & due to collectively bargained arrangements with major sports leagues, etc. Anyone have logical, feasible, common sense reason why WXIX-19 (FOX Cincinnati) is always blacked out on Dayton OH area TWC system (WRGT-45 is local FOX affiliate).?.?.
Jeopardy, independent syndicated show airs at 7:30pm weeknights (before primetime) on WDTN-2 (NBC not FOX), and WXIX-19; when WDTN-2 is pre-empted due to a network event such as NFL game, world series game, olympics, etc; you should be able to switch over & still watch Jeopardy on WXIX-19. BUT NO, it always shows Blackout contractual obligations graphic - WHY.?.?. TWC does not do that with WHIO-7 dayton & WKRC-12 cincinnati on the Dayton system. Before Time Warner swallowed up Viacom & Continental cable systems we were even able to watch NBC affiliates from both towns when a local or network event pre-empted one or the other.

This topic covered BLACKOUTS - WHY, and TWC cable tv service.