Blind U Turn was used


Last night on the race the mom/son team U Turned the strongest team. It was to their advantage, because they ended up being eliminated. (sorry, I can't keep names straight).

The sad part is when they saw they were U Turned they said thought that the sisters or flight attendants U Turned them. They said that the mother/son team would feel sorry for them.

Anyone else watching this season? Who is your favorite team?


I thought it was Great! My favorite is the mom/son. He is amazing- he was getting so frustrated when he couldn't get the Russian name after the bob-sled. It broke my heart to see him- His mom couldn't help either.

I also like the Red hair women. I'm terrible with names as well.

I'm not big on the brother/sister.
Did you see the previews-- One player has to run a race in their undies.. lol


I did see the previews. That is going to be so funny!

The mother/son team is amazing. I was so happy when he finally figured out that puzzle.

I like the brother/sister team. I don't care for the flight attendants.

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