Blue Jeans Cable vs. Monoprice


In light of the Monster Cable post (which led me to join ;)) Do any of your have experience with Blue Jeans Cable or Monoprice cable? I finally broke down and bought a used Onkyo HT-R667 receiver which will go nice with my PS3 (Blue-Ray player), but the 2 are located approximately 15' apart. I just don't want any image distortion or problems but I don't wanna break the bank.


Plus bluejeans has fought the against the bullying

Of monster cable (per the possible frivolous law suits by monster against bluejeans and a golf course that had the word monster in it).


I do not consider if someone buys Chinese products they are supporting communism but it's good to know Blue Jeans is manufactured here in the US.
It's so hard to stay up on that stuff these days. A lot of items manufactured in the U.S. are simply put together here. That doesn't mean all of the parts and pieces were made here. These guys have to stay competitive somehow.


When a person gives money to the mafia is it supporting crime?

If you give money to a good person are you more likely supporting something good?
Why should we we not support our own?


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Ive bought Monoprice and BlueJeans cable. I think you should support Blue Jeans cable just because he stuck it to Monster Cable.

Just say no to Monster Cable.

BlueJeans has Belden 1694a RG6 and 1505a RG59 with F connectors cut to length by the foot. Just right for that all important Antenna run!