Bones Ratings

Jason Fritz

Staff member
It's one of Fox's most watched tv shows, and the ratings keep improving every year. What does everyone else think? Do you think it's good?

Courtesy of Wikipedia:
Season - Ranking - Viewers (in millions)
1 - #60 - 8.9
2 - #50 - 9.4
3 - #47 - 9.7


Are you kidding? I love this show. I watched all the summer re-runs and read as many Kathy Reichs books as could get my hands on in anticipation of this weeks Bones season premiere.


Bones is such a great show, I love the way they mix the drama with the police stories, plus the humor and lastly you'll get the chance to learn a lot about forensic medicine.
This show is one of the best shows on FOX. I really don't watch anything other than that on FOX. But yeah I do agree it's one of the best shows on TV at this point. There's too much reality tv on and I like the drama/crime shows.
I agree with the other posters that this is one of the best shows on Fox year round. I am so sick of the darn reality shows that I could puke! I am glad that Fox is keeping their good dramas and allowing the fans to enjoy shows such as these. Some of the other networks just do not get it!


This is my favorite show. Its a drama, love story, and mystery all in one show. How awesome is that. I will watch the show as long as it is still on.:)