booster or amplifier of signal?


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Nothing, boosters and amplifiers are the same thing.

Though amplifiers can generally be broken down into pre-amps, masthead amps, and distribution amps (terminology may be a little different here in Australia)


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Though I'm just guessing on the termonology...

Amplifier would imply a Pre-Amp, and I don't think that many Distribution Amps have FM traps (as the first link does).
Booster would imply a Distribution Amp, though the Sheet for the (above) Booster, says it's for exterior use. That would also imply Pre-Amp.

So, in this case, both are Pre-Amps.



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The "booster" you linked to is intended to be installed at the mast head as close to the antenna as possible.

The "amplificador de senal" is intended to be installed inline somewhere and is likely a distribution amplifier.

A preamplifier is usually placed as close to the sensor (antenna) as possible. The purpose of the preamplifier is to amplify the signal before any further amplification or processing. It is usually used to compensate for long cable runs.


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What's the difference between a pre-amp and a masthead amp in Australia?
Preamps are lower noise and have less gain. In reality they are almost always just called mastheads here anyway. There isnt any real cutoff. Ive probably seen/heard "pre-amp" more here on DTV USA than through work. Sometimes the "pre" amp may be the only amp used.

Typical preamp i use:
Kingray MDA20
Noise Factor: 1.6dB
Gain: 20dB

Typical Masthead:
Johannsen J40BF
Noise Factor: <2.5dB
Gain: 40dB