Bose SoundLink: Wireless, Portable Speaker

iPod docks were all the rage in the late 2000's. Depending on how much you spent, the speaker/amp/recharge station devices allowed you the luxury of outputting sound from your iPod or iPhone through an external speaker.

There were three main problems with speaker docks back then; 1. They were tethered to your iPhone or iPod. 2. Were tethered to the wall via power cord and plug, and 3. If you had a smart phone or MP3 player manufactured by a company other than Apple, you couldn't plug into most docks.

Available at Amazon for $299 the Bose SoundLink, brings the boombox beyond the 21st century.

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The SoundLink can operate completely wireless, thanks to its embedded Bluetooth adapter and lithium-ion battery.

With Bluetooth (BT), the SoundLink is able to pair with virtually any smartphone, tablet, or device with a BT adapter as well. Bose claims that this boombox is capable of receiving a BT signal from up to 33 feet away and can pair with and remember up to six devices.

And battery life? The lithium-ion battery provides 8-hours of continuous play at normal volume or 3 hours of loud play before needing a charge.

With dimensions of 5.1"H, 9.6"W, and 1.9"D, the SoundLink is compact in size but how does it sound? CNET editors wrote of the SoundLink, "...sounds great and plays impressively loud without distorting".

Comparative to other wireless boomboxes on the market like the Jawbone Jambox, the Bose is priced considerably higher. Is it worth it? Our recommendation is to consider these reviews given by CNET, PCMag, and ilounge and then try to demo one yourself before making a purchase.