Bought an Insignia and some words to the FCC


I bought my (Insigna) converter box 3 months ago and have been in deep thought ever since as to how to boost the weak signals. My conclusion is that the FCC should require that certain circuitry be designed into every converter box. This circuitry would recognize which channel you have selected, constantly sample the amplitude of that signal, and automatically boost the gain if necessary. This would increase the “noise” in the image, but at least there’d be an image (like in the goold ol’ analog days). In electronic terms: A sample-and-hold plus an automatic gain control. The FCC fell down on the job and we’ll have to pay for it. We should pressure them to remedy the situation.
Sample and hold will not work with digital as it is a packet base signal just like data packets on the internet. the insignia has one of the best tuners, what type antenna are you using and what is your zip code. might be able to make a suggestion to improve signal.