Bounce TV, New Broadcast Net Aimed at African Americans


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From the Article:

A group led by Ambassador Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III is expected on Monday to announce plans to launch a new over-the-air television network aimed at African-American audiences in the fall.

Based in Atlanta, Bounce TV, is trying to line up distribution through the digital signals of local television stations. It plans to broadcast a mix of theatrical movies, live sports, off-net series and original programming aimed at adults 25-54. It has made deals to acquire TV rights to 400 African-American oriented films from NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution, Sony Pictures Television, Codeblack Entertainment and Image Entertainment.

Bounce TV will be run by a founding group comprised of Young and King and Andrew "Bo" Young III. The co-founders of African-American-owned production company Rainforest Films are also involved, with Rob Hardy serving as chief content officer and Will Packer holding the title chief strategy and marketing officer. Also involved in management are two former Turner Broadcasting executives, Ryan Glover and Jonathan Katz, who have been named executive VPs.
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Will this kind of "narrowcasting" work for OTA?

I'm pretty sure Bounce TV won't be coming to Utah anytime soon, with a 1.8% African-American population.


The only station in the Chicago market that might consider this network would be WJYS. It's a minority owned station, & having this as a subchannel could increase their viewership (unless they like their lack of viewers by showing infomercials & sermons). The only other possibility would be if Weigel Broadcasting decided to make it a subchannel to WWME-LD, as I don't see them removing MeTV (national MeTV & also available on WWME-LD) & MeToo (local MeTV & also available on WMEU-CA analog 48), or This TV from their subchannels of WCIU. They definitely won't remove U Too since it's an extension of the programming to WCIU The U.

I can't speak for other markets, but I know South Bend Indiana still has a large enough black population, but the 4 commercial licensed full power stations won't carry it at all. WNDU is happy with their SD simulcast. WSJV shows no interest in subchannels. WSBT has no desire to eliminate SBT2, their Independent subchannel. Lastly, I don't see LeSea Broadcasting adding this network to WHME-TV (their flagship station since LeSea is based in South Bend Indiana & focuses more on religious programming, though they do have some family friendly non-religious programming available). WNIT is PBS & can't carry this network, due to the non-commercial license prohibiting it.

With them looking to acquire African American programming from the Sony library; I wonder how that'll work out in markets where a competing station has Antenna TV, and say Bounce TV carries Good Times. Antenna TV already carries that show on their network. Would that affiliate of Bounce TV have to block out any overlapping programming?


I'm bring this thread back up after I got an update on the Chicago market. I thought Weigel Broadcasting wouldn't pick up Bounce, I was wrong. Since they air a number of shows on their main channel aimed at the black audience, they decided to pick up Bounce. It was a big surprise to Chicagoans, because they've been busy with ThisTV & MeTV for the national audience, & MeToo, The U, & The U Too for the Chicago audience. Anyway, Weigel has chosen to carry Bounce on low power station WWME-LD 23.2 when it launches, instead of eliminating The U Too, or move The U Too to a subchannel of MeToo (whose call letters on its digital low power station, now on the air, is WMEU-LD). Most of The U Too is reruns of shows that air on the main channel in different timeslots, but has few other shows. I personally think that Jovon Broadcasting made a major mistake passing up this network, because they could have possibly made more money off this network than with their brokered religious programming & infomercials they have now. Since all their subchannels are 480i, they have plenty of bandwidth to add another subchannel. Instead, it goes to Weigel Broadcasting, & Weigel made their own mistake by placing it on WWME-LD, which doesn't reach the whole market, & worse, some in the city of Chicago also can't receive WWME-LD, but can receive WCIU.