Bring Back Channel Shortcuts - DirecTV

We recently LEFT DIRECT-TV to come back to uVerse. We DID NOT LIKE DirectTV menu format at all. Now, with the recent changes, UVerse has updated their menu setup to resemble more of what we did NOT like. Channel Shortcuts were one of the best features and now it's gone. In fact, I would go so far as to say, IT SHOULD BE ON ANY MENU without drilling down multiple levels to get to it. My recent company during Thanksgiving could not even find the news channels as NO MENU options for genre or "channel shortcuts". I may look to change to Charter as their menu programming is really good too. I read all the info to use Guide/Enter (zoom), but our remotes which are new, as we've only moved to UVerse in last 6 months, do not have an Enter (or Zoom) button. Please let me know how to get to Channel Shortcuts IF it's even possible with my S30-S1A remote. BRING BACK SHORTCUTS and old Menu format. It was a strength for Uverse !!!

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