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I had a chance to come across the British version of this show (the original) and have to say that I prefer it to the US one.
The actors are even more relaxed in front of the cameras, and also more believable.
My original enthusiasm with the show now plummeted cause of this realization.
From now on, the British version is my No.1.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts, views, etc.
Which version do you prefer?


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I have seen the British one and I think it was hard to understand because of their accents. My friend who I was watching had seen the episodes several times so she had adapted and could hear the characters better, and she likes the British one better. My Vote is American one for sure!
I watched the original british series when it first aired. I was living in Scotland back then.
Later when I discovered there was an American version I was skeptical. I sort of ignored it for a while. Then I moved back to Germany and one day I decided to give it a go. By then TO was in its 3rd season, so I had a lot of catching up to do.
My opinion is that in the beginning it was very much an imitation of the original UK version. The jokes and some of the lines were actually identical in some episodes of the first 3 seasons. But the show has been getting better and better.
What I like about the US version is that the characters - or some of them - have really had space to develop.
I mean look at Pam, she's gonna be in the sales team now.
And I REALLY hated the way the UK office handled Tim and Dawn. I hated it.
And I really, really love what the US version has done with Jim and Pam. Absolutely great.
One of my all time favorite Office moments is in the episode where Pam brakes up with Karen and Pam is talking to the camera, then Jim comes in and asks her out. My head exploded when I first watched this lol.
I was just sitting in front of my screen with this huge grin all over my face. LOL.

I guess if there had been more seasons of the UK version, their characters may have developed too. But as it is now, the US version is by far superior.
What I also like about it is that a lot of the time it's more uplifting than the UK version - which was very miserable. Especially David Brent. I just hated the guy. Michael Scott I actually sort of like - in an "as long as I don't ever have to be in the same room with him" sort of way. He has his good points. Or, as Jan put it: There are quite a few things that he's well above average at. :D

Anyway, that's my opinion.


I absolutely love the British version. It makes me roll on the floor laughing out loud! I have had bosses like David and it's nice to laugh right in his face. I do like the American one too, though.
I definitely would say that I prefer the UK version to the US version of The Office too, although I still feel that the US version is quite good as well. The biggest advantage the UK version has is a better cast I think, but that's just my opinion.
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